4 Top Universities For Accounting Students

Robert Tweed

Accounting is an evergreen profession–this means that those who choose this career path are bound to have opportunities in various types of industries. Almost every business needs an accountant, and even private individuals also ask for their assistance.

However, this does not mean that you wouldn’t want to get a top-notch education when it comes to being an accountant someday. Although many companies favor working experience, it is good to have graduated in a reputable school especially if you’re a fresh graduate looking for work. Pursuing a career in accountancy required students to have a high degree of understanding of business mathematics, cost analysis, economics, financial laws, and other skills needed to maintain and give pertinent advice about financial records.

In this post, Robert Tweed gives an overview of some of the best universities for those who would want to pursue a career in accounting.

University of Texas

The University of Texas is based in Austin and was there since 1883. It is a well-known university in its college of Business, and it houses a total of 51,000 students per school year. Aside from its business program, it has been known to promulgate a culture of diversity amongst its students.

The University of Texas has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting that has a well-rounded curriculum that prepares students in working in various industries. The students understand what it’s like to work with non-profit companies, corporations, and even privately-owned businesses. Their program is reputable for understanding financial records and helping students ensure that financial records are under national and state laws.

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was originally a land-grant college. Now, it has over 150 bachelor’s programs, which is also founded under the principle of diverse needs. The University of Illinois is known for its accessibility among students with special needs.

The university has a college of Business that offers the BS accountancy program. Students gain insight on how to gather information to help clients make the right financial and legal decisions. The program contains 21 intensive hours of major coursework, and it requires 124 hours of general coursework.

Bringham Young University

Bringham Young University is located in Provo, Utah. They have the most diverse amount of undergraduates amongst all private universities, housing a total of students in 50 states in over 100 nations.

According to Robert Tweed, this private university is well-known for its BS accounting program. They have an instructional model called Junior Core, which students are grouped into 5 sections. They have the same instruction from different educators, but the educators collaborate with each other to ensure that students meet their academic goals.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest universities in this list. They keep their student-to-faculty ratio at the highest standard, which is around six-to-one. At this rate, they ensure that quality education is provided and supports are given to students who are in need of assistance. Their campus has diverse incorporation of arts, culture, science, and technology.

Students at the University of Pennsylvania can start their college path by taking BS economics with a major in accounting. This helps them gain insight into the basics of accounting in mathematics, finance, humanities, and other important skills related to accountancy. Some of the courses included and required are strategic cost analysis, financial closure, and measurements. They also have certain coursework that eventually prepares students for the CPA examination.

As you consider these programs, keep in mind that knowledge and skills, paired with an attitude are needed to succeed in any of these college paths. If you are someone who is determined and have a passion for accountancy, then definitely consider these universities for you to enroll in.

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