Ismail Sirdah, Successful Photographer

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Ismail-SirdahIsmail Sirdah is the owner of Ismail Sirdah photography, and one of the leading innovators in the field of photography. While virtually anyone can point a camera and press a button, Mr. Sirdah concentrates on making every picture into a unique work of art. He specializes in headshots and event photos and has gained notoriety for his innovative work with drone photography.

Born in South Africa, Mr. Sirdah is the son of a restaurant owner in Cape Town. After working in the restaurant for most of his young life, he moved to Savannah, Georgia, where he has quickly carved out his place in the field of artistic photography. He is well-known in the area as the photographer of choice.

One of the things that contributed to Mr. Sirdah’s success was his ability to produce top quality pictures with less than ideal equipment. When he first started, he was using a very cheap and inferior camera, making it a big challenge to take even a single good photo. He began to get creative in order to remedy this problem. His experiments with lighting, angles, and backdrops allowed him to circumvent his technical and financial limitations. Such ingenuity is the hallmark of Mr. Sirdah’s career.

Even without his photography skills, Mr. Sirdah would still be considered as a success story. When he isn’t out photographing the world and its people, he runs a successful restaurant, following in his father’s footsteps. He also runs a music promotion business and has helped a lot of local artists to increase their visibility with professional-quality promotional photographs.

It was in 2009 that Sirdah first sought to turn his passion into a career. That was the year in which he was finally able to purchase a high-quality camera that allowed him to reach his artistic potential with fewer limitations. At the time, he was working as a music publicist, and he got tired of paying photographers every time one of his bands needed a photo shoot. So he took a few classes, got a nice camera, and the rest is history. One can only assume that he will continue his excellent work far into the future.

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