Why Every Tech Company Should Embrace qTest Management

Software development is a broad concept and different technologies go into developing software for different purposes. Many companies in the software development business have good teams but their failures emanate from inefficiencies caused by lack of good tools to manage their work. Failures in the development process lead to errors, which result in the development of unreliable software.

Having products that don’t satisfy the needs of the market in turn leads to poor sales and sluggish growth, which is something you would not want to experience while building a business. To boost growth, software firms are advised to embrace qTest management software, which offers them access to various useful tools.

Handling executions

One of the roles of the qTest management software is to help in the management and tracking of executions. It enhances flexibility by availing an array of options that help one to organize tests and come up with powerful reports about tracking results across all projects. A qTest management platform allows one to launch automation test runs and facilitates the development of a detailed execution history, which is a vital component in the decision making process of any company.

Project customization preferences

Project customization is one of the most important parts of software development. A good customization process can be achieved using the qTest management platform, which comes with custom fields and adjustable settings. By creating custom fields, you can initialize a project then add members to do different parts.

Using the management tools that come with the software, you can review the profiles of members to manage them accordingly. All the performance metrics of members are posted on their profiles and this information is accessible for decision making. Most importantly, the qTest manager is built with LDAP and SSO integration, so your options are enhanced.

Centralized and organized access

Access to files and information is one of the things that help to make software development faster and more accurate. Through the capabilities availed by qTest manager, you can centralize and manually store test cases. There is also an automated system that you can set up to receive reports in real-time. It’s possible to create multiple versions of cases to make reuse of the system easy and dependable.

With qTest management, you can also share repositories across various projects as well as release sprints. All the information you need to know the health status of the software is shared on the interface. Embracing qTest manager comes with 101 software development resources (Cources, Blogs, Podcasts & More) that you can utilize to enhance the development process.

Reporting and test metrics

There are various types of reports that you can generate through the qTest platform. Some of these reports come in the form of graphs, which contain information about the progress of the software under development. Metrics allow an easy review of the quality of software and measure progress based on the expectations set in the industry to ensure the final product qualifies to compete with those produced by already established firms.

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